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Anyone can enter the 2021 Hauraki Coromandel Business Awards. The process is easy. You just need to give some time and thought to what makes your business special. 
Entries close at 4 pm on Saturday, July 31, 2021.
Click here to see the categories.
1.  Q&A Entry Pack
2.  Entry Form
  • Make sure your submission is clear and concised

  • Use facts and statistics to illustrate your story. Tables, figures and graphs are encouraged. Insert those into the relevant page

  • Show evidence of what you have achieved through case studies or examples

  • If your supporting information relates to more than one question, state this clearly at the top of the document. You can also include supporting evidence, such as testimonials

  • Provide the website for any information that’s online, such as links to video or social media


When you’re ready to start your application, download the official Entry Form which will be included with your application.


The judges want to know why your business deserves recognition from your peers and the wider community. They are looking for evidence of your:

  • Contribution to your business sector and the wider business community

  • Effective financial management

  • Job Creation

  • Service and infrastructure development

  • Positive impact on communities or people


Along with the completed entry form below, you’ll need to include:

  • A financial viability statement, signed and scanned by your accountant. Please ensure this is less than 3 months old. 

  • A business bio: a short and snappy 150-word summary of your operation.

  • Five high resolution (1MB and above) photos of your business in jpg format.

  • One high-resolution logo in either eps, jpg or png format.

  • Any relevant documentation to support your application. This can include how your business meets the brief of the category you are entering, such as statistics, testimonies, and any written documentation that informs the judges of your business ethics, aims and objectives, your uniqueness, your successes, your vision, how your values are entrenched in this business sector.


When you’re ready to submit your application, choose one of the following options:

  • Upload it: collate all documents and create one PDF file with your entire entry, and upload it to the upload box on this page

  • Post it or deliver it in person: collate all documents, put them in an envelope addressed to: Te Waka, c/o Mediaworks Coromandel, PO Box 962, Thames 3540. Attention: Hauraki Coromandel Business Awards Convenor


The Awards Convenor will forward all information to the judging panel.


 All category finalists will receive a certificate and the category winners a trophy.  The Supreme winner will receive a trophy and a business support programme.  Finalists will receive a pair of complimentary tickets to the gala evening.

  • Any sole proprietor, partnership, incorporated society, limited liability company, educational institution, local or central government organisation, charitable or not-for-profit organisation, with its principal place of business based in, and trading in, the Hauraki or Thames-Coromandel districts is eligible to enter the awards.

  • An organisation that is part of a larger national or international organisation or franchise must be able to demonstrate that it operates as a separate business unit.

  • Applicants must disclose any issues that may compromise the integrity of the awards or cause their organisation to discontinue in the next year. These issues may include legal action, law changes, possible loss of funding or other risks.

  • All entrants must agree to take part in publicity as part of the award programme.

  • All entrants agree to be visited by judges if they are selected as a category finalist.

  • Entrants must provide a signed statement from their accountant confirming the financial viability and going concern status of the business. An example is provided in this pack.

  • All entrants are encouraged to attend the workshops and Gala Dinner event – however this in not compulsory.

  • Entrants may use consultants or other outside assistance to help them prepare their entries.

  • The organisers may suggest that an entrant change category.

  • All entries are treated in the strictest confidence.

  • The Awards Convenor, sponsors and TCDC / HDC councillors/staff have no input or involvement in the judging process. This process is handled wholly by Te Waka.

  • Judges will not judge any organisation where a conflict of interest arises.

  • The decision of the judges is final and no correspondence will be entered into.

  • There is no cost to participate as an entrant.

  • By entering these awards, you are consenting to agree to the above conditions.

File Upload
* this service will be reactivated when entries open in May, 2021. 
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