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How to enter? When you’re ready to start your application, download the official Entry Form which must be included with your application. Entries are due by 4pm on Saturday, July 31, 2021.


Along with the completed entry form below, you’ll need to include: 

  • A financial viability statement signed and scanned by your accountant. Please ensure this is less than 3

    months old. Click here to see an example.

  • A business bio: a short and snappy 150-word summary of your operation.

  • Five high resolution (1MB and above) photos of your business in jpg format.

  • One high-resolution logo in either eps, jpg or png format.

  • Any relevant documentation to support your application.

How are the categories judged? All applications will be submitted to Te Waka and passed on to the panel of three judges. Based on entrants' applications, judges will select finalists in each category. Judges will arrange with the finalists a visit to their premises.


What are the judges looking for? The judges want to know why your business deserves recognition from your peers and the wider community. They are looking for evidence of your:

  • Contribution to your business sector and the wider business community.

  • Effective financial management.

  • Job creation.

  • Service and infrastructure development.

  • Positive impact on communities or people.


Is there anyone I can chat to about the Hauraki Coromandel Business Awards? Yes, at either the Q&A sessions or send an email to and someone will be in touch.

If I have a professional services business e.g accountancy, legal which category do I enter? The Professional Services category.

Will the judging process involve someone auditing our business? No, you will just need to have your accountant supply a financial viability statement. Click here to see an example.


Will my application be kept on record? All documents submitted as part of your application will be destroyed two months after the announcement of the award winners.


Do the awards criteria take into account an organisation’s financial performance? No, all that is required is a financial viability statement from your accountant. The success of your business will not be measured on financial profitability alone.

Can a business enter more than one category if it is appropriate? Yes. However, in the best interests of your business, your category may be changed by the judges. In this instance, full consultation will be made with the entrant business.

Will it cost me to enter? No.

When you’re ready to submit your application, choose one of the following options:


How do I enter People’s Choice? You cannot enter this category, you must be nominated.


If I win the People’s Choice Award am I eligible for the Supreme Award? No, unless you have also put in an official application and won one of the categories: Manufacturing & Trade, Retail, Tourism, Hospitality, Primary & Rural, Emerging Business, or Professional Services.



How do I enter Service to Business? You cannot enter this category, you must be nominated. Judges are looking for nominations of individuals who have contributed substantially to business in their community. This award aims to cast a light on the dedication shown and achievements made by this individual.

If I win the Service to Business Award am I eligible for the Supreme Award? No, unless you have also put in an official application and won one of the categories: Emerging Business, Hospitality, Manufacturing & Trade, Professional Services, Retail, Rural and Primary, or Tourism




As a finalist, what else will be required from our business? Nothing further will be required other than to make a time for the judges to visit.

What will the judges be looking for during their visit? A meet and greet with management, a walk around the business and a few further questions may be asked for clarification purposes.


How long will it take? About an hour.


What do finalists and winners receive? ? All category finalists will receive a certificate and the category winners a trophy. The Supreme winner will receive a trophy and a business support programme.  Finalists will receive a pair of complimentary tickets to the gala evening.

What if I am unable to attend the Gala? Finalists who are unable to attend may nominate someone to attend on their behalf.



How long will the Gala evening be6.30pm start -11pm finish. The awards ceremony starts at 7pm.

Will there be transport available? Yes, shuttles will be available.

Do finalists have to pay to go to the Gala? Two tickets will be provided free of charge to all finalists.

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